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Nikolaj Thorup Jensen

For a complete CV, head over to my linkedin account, which is the most frequently updated.

Web Integrator

I graduated in 2009 as a Web Integrator at EUC with top marks (12/A). Since then I have been working tirelessly to improve my skills through work and getting a range of certificates and diplomas.

Computer Science

I am currently studying Computer Science at ZBC, and is on the 4th semester. I'm planning on continuing this study, to get the bachelor in web development.

Unknown Borders

I am the owner and founder of Unknown Borders, an online community for gamers.

Ringsted Fantasy Club

I am the founder and chairman of a local boardgame club. We play a range of games, such as Pen'n'Paper like Dungeon and Dragons, Warhammer (40k), Warmachine Hordes, Risk, etc.

Unknown Borders

An online community made by gamers, for gamers

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Tools and Utilities

Over the years I have created a range of solutions and tools which has now become an integrated part of my workflow. This enables me to work fluently with almost any project.

hCore .NET

A collection of tools and utilities for .Net(4.5.2) applications.

hCore Admin

An intuitive administration interface, enabling me to create good looking admin features, while preserving the need for details.

hCore Unity

An in-depth module framework for Unity3D projects.

hCore MVC

My newest collection. This is essentially the hCore, which has been upgraded to work with ASP.NET(4.5.2) MVC.


Essera is a fantasy world, which was created to accomodate the games of which my pen'n'paper group plays in.

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Previous Clients

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Solutions and Pricing

Below you can find a representation of my prices. I do not approve a solution before I've seen what the project entails. I have been creating websites since 2006, some of which you can see in my portfolio. You could become my next client!

Website Hosting 5/mo

Per Website

  • MSSQL database
  • FTP Access
  • 99,82% Uptime
  • Hosted on a 500/300mbit connection
One-Page Website 70/site

This site is a one-page website

  • Great for presentations
  • Optimized for Mobiles and Tablets
  • The browser only loads once
  • URL never changes
Android App 350/app

5 page app

  • Great for simple applications
  • Free hCore License
  • Optimized for latest androids
  • Uses Next-Gen Technology
Custom Solution 400+/app

Anything you can dream of can be made

  • ASP.NET/MVC/Unity3D/Android
  • Next-Gen Technologies
  • Free hCore License
  • Implements hCore Administration


If you wish to contact me, you can do so, either by using the formula to the right, or by sending me a mail on the address found below.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.

Drop in for a second

4100 Ringsted
Sjællandsgade 12, 2. TV

(+45) 2465 3236